Overview of Chapter 5:

                1.  God’s view of riches

            2.  How to get through trials

            3.  Our need for each other


1.  Read verses 1-3.  Why does God pronounce judgment upon the rich?  What happens to their “stuff”?



2.  God’s view of the church in the last days according to Revelation 3 is that she is increased with goods, rich, and in need of nothing.  What message for the last day church do you see in James 5:1-3?



3.  The middle and lower class of society have a gripe against the rich.  What is it and why?  Verse 4



4.  Who is it that understands what is going on according to verse 4?


5.  Why is he called Lord of Sabbath? 


6.  Verses 5 and 6 describe what people have done.  What would you say is the bottom line of their actions?  What were they thinking?



7.  Why is there need of patience?  Verse 7


8.  What is the early and latter rain and what does it mean for you personally?


9.  How do you establish your heart?  Verse 8


10.  Again in this chapter is the message about how we treat each other?  Why does God repeat this message so much?  Verse 9



11.  What can we really learn from the prophets?  Why do we need it today?  Verse 10



12.  Why does enduring produce happiness?  Verse 11



13.  Have you ever quit when you should have kept going?  How did you feel?  Have you ever keep going when you felt like quitting?  How did that make you feel?  Which was better and why?



14.  Why above all things should we say what we mean?  Verse 12



15.  What should you do if you are afflicted?  ________________________________ v. 13


        What should you do if you are happy?  ______________________________v. 13


        What should you do if you are sick? ________________________________ v. 14



16.  What is the benefit of asking others to pray over you?  Verse 15



17.  Why should we confess our faults to each other?  How does that help?



18.  What is an effectual, fervent prayer?




19.  According to verses 17,18, what was the secret power of Elijah? 



20.  What is the motivation for working with people who are lost?  Verse 19, 20



21.  What has been most helpful from this chapter?


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