Overview of Chapter 4:

            1.  Why Fights happen

            2.  The way to overcome the source of fights

            3.  The Crime of not availing ourselves to God’s way



1.  Read the first sentence of verse 1.  Think of every conflict, struggle, fight, etc. that you have ever been in.  The answer to why these things happened is about to be revealed by God.

What does he say is the cause of these things?



2.  What is a lust?  Why would we fight over them?  Even to the point of death?  Verse 2



3.  You have not, because you ask not.  How does this apply to your every day life?  What does it have to do with overcoming conflicts? 



4.  How do we ask in the wrong way?  Why do we do it?  Verse 3



5.  What does it mean to be a friend of the world?  Why does this condition make us enemies of God?  Verse 4



6.  How would you re-word the question in verse 5 to make it more modern and understandable?  What does it mean? 



7.  Read verse 6.  Why does it start with the word “but”?



8.  What does “he gives more grace” mean to you?



9.  Why does God give grace to the humble but not the proud?  Verse 6



10.  Carefully read verse 7.  What do we do in this verse?  What does God do?  What does the devil do?  Sometimes we get these backwards in our every day life.  Think about it.



11.  Who is verse 8 talking to?  Why?


12.  Why all the negative emotion in verse 9?  What is he trying to say?



13.  What does it mean to humble yourself in the sight of the Lord?  Verse 10



14.  Why are not supposed to speak evil of others or to judge them?  Verse 11,12



15.  Who is the One lawgiver and judge?  Why do we so often put ourselves in God’s place then?

How can we keep from doing that in the future?



16.  Read verses 13-17.  What are these verses saying about planning?  What are they not saying about planning ahead?  How would you summarize these verses in one or two sentences?



17.  Why is it sin if you know better?  Verse 17



18.  What is one big lesson you have learned from this chapter?



19.  How will you put these principles to work in your everyday life?



20.  What from this chapter could you use to encourage someone else?


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