Overview of Chapter 2:

            1.  Respect of Persons.

            2.  The Royal Law of Liberty

            3.  Faith – What it does

            4.  Faith – How it Grows

            6.  Faith – An Example in Abraham


1.  What does James tell us not to do in verse one? 


2.  How does James describe Jesus in verse one?  How do you describe Him in  your attitudes, thoughts and words on a daily basis?



3.  Read James 2:2-4.  What example does James give to illustrate his point in verse one?  Why is this so important to Christian living?



4.  According to verse 5 – where do riches fit in with happiness, love, and faith?



5.  What is it that rich men tend to do?  verses 6,7.  Read these verses and write what you learn from them:


            1 Tim. 6:9 ___________________________________________________________

            1 Tim. 6:17 __________________________________________________________

            Matt. 19:24 __________________________________________________________

            Luke 6:24 ___________________________________________________________

            Rev. 3:17 ___________________________________________________________


Summarize what you have learned from these verses and ask God to help you keep a proper perspective.


6.  James turns us to view the Law of God in verse 8,9.  What does he call it?



7.  Examine the Law of God in Exodus 20.  What do the first 4 commandments have to do with?  What do the last 6 commandments deal with? 



8.  Do you see how the law defines our relationships both with God and man?  Do you understand why James said what he said in verse 10?



9.  Read verse 11.  Is one commandment more important than any others?  Why or why not?


10.  What is the relationship between judgment and mercy?  Verse 14


11.  What is the connection between faith and works?  Can you have faith without works?  Can you have works without faith?



12.  What is James’ example in verses 15-18?  Why does he use it and what does it mean?



13.  What do the devils believe?  Verse 19 


14.  What is the difference between the belief of the devils and the belief of a true Christian?  Verse 20


15.  What is James trying to tell us through his example about Abraham and Rahab?  Verses 21-26




16.  How does faith grow and get stronger?  Verse 22  Why?



17.  What does imputed righteousness mean in verse 23?  Do you need it?  Do you have it?  (Gen. 15:6)



18.  Why is faith without works dead?  What is the very nature of faith?



19.  What is faith, after having studied this chapter?



20.  Summarize what you have learned about God through this chapter.



21.  Summarize what you have learned about yourself.



22.  Would you like God to give you the kind of faith that works?  Just ask Him.


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