Romans 16

In summary of the book of Romans, we get a glimpse of leadership at it’s best.  Paul is not only wise and connected to God, but he is loving and connected to people.   We could learn a lesson from him, if our beliefs don’t make us more loving and social, something must be wrong with our beliefs.


Read the entire chapter and then come back and think about Paul’s concluding remarks.


1.  Who was Phoebe and why was she praised?  Romans 16:1,2  Think of this in the context of the day when women were socially thought of as property like horses or dogs!  What message was God sending to the world?


2.  What words in verses 1-3 indicate that Paul is a team player and not a soloist?


3.  Who were Priscilla and Acquilla and why does Paul have such friendship with them?  Why has they experienced together?  Romans 16:4, Acts 18


4.  Read verse 5.  What does this verse indicate about the dynamics of the early church?  Where did they meet?  How did they function?  If your church building and the conference ceased to exist, would your church still be a church?  Why or why not?


5.  Why is Mary mentioned in verse 6?  What do think really bonds people together?


6.  Read verses 7-15.  Paul mentions at least 22 people in these verses.  A mix of men and women.  Make a list of the reasons why he is attached to these people.  Are any of these reasons why you are attached to people in the church?  List the people who are closest to you, and write what it is about them that attaches you to them.   You could even let them know how you feel about them!



7.  Paul is sending a message to each of these people that is positive and encouraging.  Who could you encourage with a few positive words today?


8.  What does it mean to greet each other with a holy kiss?  Why do that?  Verse 16


9.  Read verse 17,18.  Were there problem people in the early church?  What was their purpose?  What was the result of their works? Vs. 17.  What was Paul’s counsel concerning them?


10.  The Roman Christians has gained a reputation about God.  What was it?  Verse 19.  What do you think your reputation is about?


11.  Why are we counseled to be wise to the good and dumb to the evil?  Romans 16:19


12.  Why do you think Paul reminded them about Satan’s end in verse 20?


13.  Why didn’t Paul write the book himself?  Verse 22.


14.  When Paul sums up the whole message, what is his summary?  Verse 24.  He ends most of his books with this.


15.  Read verses 25-27.  What do these verses tell you about God, yourself, and about Paul?


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