Romans 15

In this chapter Paul gives directions on how we should treat each other and how those who understand the gospel of Jesus have a responsibility and a privilege  to work with Him to help those around them.

1.  Read verse 1,2.  Why should the strong help the weak?  Who are the strong?  Could you be weak and strong at the same time?  How does one “bear” the infirmities?


2.  How did Jesus model what Paul was saying?  Romans 15:3

3.  Why were things written in the Bible?  Verse 4.  Why does it say Patience and Comfort?

4.  In what ways have you received comfort from the Scriptures?


5.  Read verse 4 and 5 together.  Where do the patience and comfort come from?  What also does he grant to us?  What does grant mean?

6.  Why do you think verse 6 says that we should glorify God with one mind and one mouth?  Does the Bible say anything about having two minds or two mouths? 

7.  If we receive each other the way Jesus receives us, what would that look like?  Verse 7

8.  Why did Jesus come as a Jew?  Read verses 8-12.  Why would the Gentiles be happy that He came as a Jew?

9.  Read verse 13.  Where does hope come from?  Why is it so important?


10.  What is Paul saying in verses  14,15?  What is he trying to do in these verses?

11.  Read verses 15-22.  Why couldn’t Paul do so much “in the church”?  What was he doing?  Why do you think it is important?

12.  What was in Paul’s heart?  Romans 15:22-25.  What did he want to do?

13.  What did the Gentiles do for the poor in Jerusalem?  Why?  Verses 24-28

14.  Read verse 29-31.  What are the reasons why we should pray together?


15.  In Jerusalem, was where the main body of the church was located.  What does it mean that there would be some who did not believe or who would maybe not accept what Paul was going to do?  Verse 31


16.  What blessings of fellowship have you discovered so far?  Verse 32,33


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