Romans 13

Remember as you read this chapter that Paul is writing to Roman Christians.  Rome was a pagan power, a ruthless dictatorship.  Yet Paul’s counsel is for the good of the cause.

1.  Why do you think God told the Christians to be subject to the civil powers of the land?  Romans 13:1,2


2.  If ruthless powers are “ordained of God”, then does that mean that God is the one responsible for all their evil?  Verse 2



3. Read verse 3,4.  What is the purpose of higher powers?



4.  In verse 5 it says we must be subject not only for wrath but also for conscience sake?  What does this mean?


5.  Why are we supposed to pay our dues?  Verse 6,7   What does that mean in our world today?


7.  In verse 8 it says that what we owe others is love.  Do you agree that you owe everyone love?  Why or why not?


8.  How is love for man summed up in the last six commandments?  Romans 13:9


9.  Read verse 10.  It says love works no ill to his neighbor.  Who is your neighbor?  How do you get that kind of love?


10.  If Christians were asleep in Paul’s day, what do you think he would say about Christians today?  Verse 11  What does he tell us to do?  Why?



11.  How do we “cast off” the works of darkness and put on the armor of light?  Verse 12


12.  Verse 13 and 14 list several lusts of the flesh – describe them:








13.  If we would remember just the first part of verse 13 – “let us walk honestly as in the day” – how would that help someone overcome temptations and evil?


14.  What does it mean to “put on” the Lord Jesus?  Verse 14


15.  How do you not make provision for the flesh?  What does that mean?


16.  What stands out in your mind the most from this chapter?


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