Romans 12

Read the last verse of Chapter 11. 

1.   Why does Paul start chapter 12 with “I beseech you therefore”?  It seems to be a summary of what he said in chapter 11.  So why present yourself as a living sacrifice then?



2.  Reach 12:2.  What is the difference between being “conformed” and being “transformed”?



3.  Why shouldn’t we think of ourselves more highly than we ought to?  Romans 12:3


4.  What do you think the same “office” is of the many members in the body of Christ?  12:4


5.  What does it mean to you that we are all members one of another?  How do you see that playing out in the church today?  Romans 12:5


6.  Make a list of the spiritual gifts you see in this chapter:







7.  Which of those gifts do think you might have?  How are you using those gifts to help enhance others?



8.  Read verse 9.  What does this verse mean?


9.  How would you describe “kindly affectioned one to another” to someone?  Verse 10


10.  Reach verses 11-15.  What positive admonitions do you see in these verses?  Have you seen God working them out in your life lately?


11.  Why is verse 15 important?


12.  Read verse 16.  How does a person condescend to someone of low estate without being condescending?



13.  Why does God tell us over and over not to return evil for evil?  Romans 12:17, 19, 20


14.  What does verse 18 say “if”?


15.  How have you experienced overcoming evil with God?  Romans 12:21


16.  Do you think believing the gospel and letting God work in your life can produce these positive behaviors?


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