Romans 11

Romans 10 ended with the people of God rejecting God’s outstretched hands and disobeying his plan of grace.

Read Chapter 11.


1.    If God’s people had rejected Him, how did He still feel about them?  Romans 11:1-4


2.  Though it appeared all of Israel was against God, was it true?  Verse 3,4   Why or why not?


3.  Read verse 5.  Is that verse applicable today?  What does remnant mean?



4.  What is the “it” that is talked about in verse 6?  How is “it” obtained?


5.  Why didn’t Israel obtain it?  Verse 7


6.  Some people read verse 8 and say it’s God’s fault that Israel rejected the grace offered by Jesus.  How do you explain this verse?



7.  According to the words of David, Israel’s table could be a snare and a trap and a stumblingblock.  How is it that religion can be those things and do you think it is happening today?  Verse 9



8.  What does it mean to “bow down your back away” in verse 10?


9.  How did God use their failure to try to help them?  Romans 11:11,12



10.  What is the burden of Paul’s heart?  Romans 12-14


11.  Was it possible for Israel to return to God?  Verse 15  How does this help you when you fail?


12.  Read verses 16-21.  Explain the analogy of the branches.  What was Paul trying to say to the Gentiles and to the Jews?  What is the message for us today?





13.  Read verse 18.  How do our words and attitudes reveal where our trust is really placed? 


14.  What is the key word for both Jew and Gentile and us in verse 22?


15.  Read verse 23 over several times.  He God able to re-establish you after you fall?  Why then do we often feel like giving up and like there is no hope for us?



16.  Why mystery does Paul not want us to be ignorant of?  Why?  Verse 25-27 


17.  Does God still love his wayward people?  Verse 28  Why?


18.  What is important for all of us to remember and will determine how we treat others and how we look at ourselves?  Romans 11:29-31



19.  How does God want us to treat unbelievers?  Verse 31  Why?  Verse 32



20.  Read verses 33-36. 

                What do these verses tell you about God?



                How does it make you feel towards God?



                What prospects do you see in these verses for people you know who are not walking with God yet?



                What does “of Him, through Him, to Him” mean to you?




21.  Why does Paul end this chapter with “Amen.”



22.  How could you use this chapter to help convince an unbeliever about the love of God for them?


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