Romans 10

Read the entire chapter.

1.  What is Paul’s greatest concern?  Romans 10:1

2.  Why do you think “desire” and “prayer” go together?

3.  Read verse 2.  What does it mean to have a zeal for God but not according to knowledge?

4.  How do people go about establishing their own righteousness?  Romans 10:3

5.  What does verse 4 mean to you?

6.  What is the practical application for us today of verse 4?

7.  Read verses 5-9.  This is one line of thought.  How would you put this line of thought into your own words and make an application of it?

8.  What are the conditions for being saved?  Romans 10:9.  How do you know they are conditions?

9.  What is the evidence that someone believes in their heart?  Verse 10

10.  Why does verse 11 say “believe on Him”?  Why won’t they be ashamed?  Ashamed of what?

11.  There is much dispute still over culture, race, sex, right and left:  how does verse 12 ,13 put all that to rest as far as God is concerned? 

12.  List the reasoning of verse 14,15?  What are the answers to the questions?

13.  What does a person do then, according to verses 15,16 to obey the gospel?

14.  Read verse 17.  Where does faith come from?  If a person just goes to church and doesn’t read the Word during the week, do they have faith? 

15.  Paul considers whether there is an excuse for them not having the word?  What is his answer?  Verse 18

16.  Paul quotes both Moses and Isaiah about Israel.  What is his point?  Verse 19-21.

17.  What does verse 21 tell you about God? 


























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