Romans 9

After Paul’s explanation of salvation by faith through grace given freely by Jesus, Paul makes the connection with his own church, the Jewish church.  Chapter 9 he shares his personal feelings and makes more application of the gospel.

Read the whole chapter through.

1.   According to verses 1-5, why is Paul’s heart so heavy?  What applications could you make to leaders in the church today?

2.  Remember Paul’s question, “What advantage is it to be a Jew?”, in verse 4, what are the advantages that he summarizes?  How have you made use of these in your own life?

3.  Read verse 6.  What is Paul saying here? 

4.  Why is it that being the seed of Abraham did make them children of God?  Verse 7  What is the application for today?

5.  Now Paul begins an example using Isaac and Esau.  How would you explain these verses to someone?  Romans 9:6-14

6.  What is the difference between the children of the flesh and the children of the promise?  9:8

7.  Why does Paul use Sarah and Rebecca as an example of the children of promise?  9:9,10

8.  Why does Malachi 1:2,3, which is quoted in Romans 9:13, say that God hated Esau?  What is the application of this to us?

9.  Read verse 14?  When have you thought that there is “unrighteousness” with God?  What made you think it?  In your heart, do you believe there is or isn’t?

10.  What is Paul’s reasoning in verses 15-24?  What practical application do you notice in these verses?

11.  Read 9:25,26.  What does this mean to you?  Why did Paul say this to the Jews?

12.  What issues do you think Paul is trying to help the Jews understand in this chapter?

13.  What does it mean that only a remnant will be saved out of Israel?  9:27,28

14.  What does it mean that God will cut the work short in righteousness?  9:28

15.  Paul quotes Isaiah 1:9, that unless God had left us a seed, we would all be like Sodom and Gomorrha.  What does he mean?

16.  Read verses 30-33.  What is Paul summary of his argument?  What message was he trying to convince the Jews of? 

17.  How has this chapter helped you to understand God better?

18.  What insights have you gleaned about the church of today?  How does it make you feel?

19.  How could you use these verses to help your brothers and sisters in the church, like Paul was trying to do?

20.   How could you encourage your pastor who carries this “heaviness of heart” for the church?  What could you do to help?

21.  How does a person seek righteous by faith?  Verse 32 says they “sought it not by faith”.  How do you do it?





































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