Romans 8

Paul concludes his arguments from chapter 7 in this chapter.   Read the entire chapter.  Make notes as you read.


1.  Why does he start the chapter with the words, “there is therefore”?  What does this remind you of? 


2.  What does verse 1 say to your about yourself?  About God?


3.  What has made me free?  Verse 2  Why?


4.  If verse 3 is true, why do we, as Christians, try so hard to “do the law” on our own?


5.  How is the righteousness of the law fulfilled in us?  Verse 4.  Do you see this happening in your life?  Why or why not?  Do others see it?  Why or why not?



6.  What does it mean to “mind” the things of the flesh or the spirit?  Verse 5


7.  What does it mean to be carnally minded?  Spiritually minded?  Verse 6



8.  Why is the carnal mind at war against God?  Verse 7


9.  Why can’t those who are in the flesh please God?  What does it mean to be in the flesh?  Verse 7,8


10.  What is the key to not being in the flesh?  Verse 9


11.  What does verse 10 mean?


12.  When the Spirit dwells in us, what does he do?  Verse 11


13.  Why aren’t we debtors any longer to the flesh?  Verse 12



14.  What does mortify the deeds of the body mean?  Verse 13


15.  What is it that makes us a child of God?  Verse 14



16.  What kind of Spirit have we received?  Verse 15  What does this mean to you?


17.  What does it mean that the Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are God’s children?  Verse 16


18.  How does it make you feel to be an heir of God?  How can this help you in your life?  Verse 17



19.  Why does Paul add verse 19 about present sufferings? 



20.  What does verse 20 say to you about responsibility for sin?


21.  What is life on this planet like?  Verse 22,23  How can it help you in your own life to realize what sin has done to all of creation?


22.  What is it that saves us?  How would you explain hope to a child?  Verse 24



23.  Why do hope and patience go together?  Verse 25  Can you have one without the other?


24.  Why does Paul say that the Spirit helps our infirmities?  What is he trying to convey?  Verse 26


25.  How could you use verse 26 to help those who are discouraged?



26.  What does it mean to you personally that the Spirit makes intercession for you?  Verse 27



27.  Do you believe verse 28?  Really?  What is the application of it in your daily life?


28.  What do verses 29,30 mean?  Some think this means that God predestined some to be saved and some to be lost.  Do you agree or disagree? Why?



29.  Write out in your own words what verse 31 is saying.



30.  What does verse 32 mean to you?



31.  Read verses 33-39.  What is the overall message in these verses?  How do these verses relate to you?  How could you use these concepts to help someone else?



32.  Read verse 38 again.  What can separate you from the love of God?  Will he stop loving you?  How does this make you feel?



33.  Have you let any of the following separate you from God?  (because of these things you walked away from him, but He has never walked away from you). 

















 34.  What is it that makes us conquerors?  Verse 37                         



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