Romans 7

In this chapter Paul tries to speak to those who know the law to get them to understand the deceptive nature of sin and explains his own struggle with his human nature and righteousness.  He was trying to help them see how much they needed God continuously.


1.   Who exactly is Paul talking to?  Verse 1


2.  What illustration does he use to try to help them understand the law of God?  Verse 1


3.  Explain the reasoning of Paul in verses 2-6.  Does this reasoning make sense to you?



4.  What about verse 4?  Is it true what people say, the law is bad?  What is it for?  Romans 7:7


5.  What does sin do in us?  Verse 8


6.  How is it that someone comes to understand the nature of sin?  Verse 9.



7.  When a person really understands the nature of sin, how do they feel about themselves?  Verse10  If you have ever felt that way, has the devil tried to get you to despair at that point, or did you realize it was a good thing to see your real condition and that it was a sign that God was working in your heart?


8.  What is the ultimate goal of sin?  Verse 11  What is it’s greatest weapon?


9.  What does Paul conclude about the law?  Verse 12


10.  Read carefully again verses 13-23.  Put these verses in your own words.  What does it say?  Can you relate?


11.  Read verse 18.  If you are seeking after God, how will you feel about yourself?  Is this good?


12.  How does Paul sum up his argument?  Verse 24, 25.  What do you like about these verses?


13.  Read verse 25.  What does this mean?  Is this a contradiction of everything else Paul said?  How would you explain this to a new Christian?



14.  In what ways do you relate to Paul in this chapter?



15.  What are some of the things in this chapter that are hard for you to understand?



16.  What is one thing from this chapter that has really helped you in your walk with God?


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