Romans 6

Paul’s arguments in chapter 5 were about justification being by grace through faith in what Jesus did for us, not in what we do for him.  He argued that grace was “much more” sufficient than our works.

Chapter 6 continues the progression of thought with the summary question being:  if we are saved by faith, then what about sin and obedience?  Where do they fit in?

Read chapter 6.

1.  What is the argument in verse 1?  What does it mean to you?


2.  What is the answer to Paul’s question in verse 1?  Why would he say it so strongly?  What is the answer to his second question in verse 2?


3.  Read verses 3-6.  What is Paul saying in these verses?  What is the application for your life today?



4.  What does it mean that our “old man is crucified”?


5.  Read verse 7. What does it mean to be dead in this verse?  What does it mean to be free?



6.  What is the reasoning in verses 8-11?  How can this help us in our struggles with sin?



7.  Read verses 12-14.  How do we make this happen in our lives?


8.  What is Paul saying in verse 15?  Do you think he is talking about a philosophy, an attitude, an action, or all of it?



9.  Read verse 16.  What does the word “yield” mean?  How is it applied to sin and righteousness in this verse?


10.  What does verse 17 mean to you?



11.  How is it that we are made free from sin?  Verse 18


12.  In verse 19 Paul says he’s talking like a man – why did he say that and what reasons does he give?



13.  What are the fruits of sin?  Verses 20,21


14.  What are the fruits of holiness?  Verse 22



15.  Read verse 23.  How does this verse make you feel towards God?  What is a wage?  What is a gift?



16.  How has this chapter changed your attitude toward sin?  Toward God?  Toward yourself?


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