Romans 5

In chapter 3 Paul gave some grueling arguments about the sinfulness of all of us, then in Chapter 4 he gave an example of someone who exhibited faith and was justified by faith.  Now in Chapter 5 he brings home the gospel message so that we can actually believe that we are justified by faith and have peace with God.

1.   Read Chapter 5:1 – it says “being justified” or “having been justified” – why do you think he puts it in past tense?  If you haven’t been, are you?  What practical thing does a person have who is justified?


2.  What do these words mean?  Justified_________________________________________________________




3.  What do the words “by whom” mean to you in verse 2?


4.  The Jews thought that bad things in one’s life meant the displeasure of God.  What does Paul say about it?  Romans 5:3-5


5.  Read verse 5 again.  What do you have to “do” to receive the Holy Spirit?


6.  How does verse 6 go against our human nature and the general view of God?


7.  In what areas do you feel “without strength”?  Does God love you anyway?



8.  What do you have to do to earn God’s love?  Romans 5:8.  Why do you think it is so hard for us really believe and practice this verse?


9.  Notice how many times the phrase “much more” is used in this chapter.  What is Paul trying to convey?



10.  Read verses 10,11.  Explain these verses in your own words.




11.  What is Paul’s reasoning about one man’s offense and one man’s grace?  What comparisons are made in verses 12-19.  What lessons do you see?





12.  How does verse 20 make you feel, “but where sin abounded, grace did much more abound”?



13.  Explain – “as sin has reigned unto death” ___________________________________________________

       “even so might grace reign”_______________________________________________________________

       How does this verse make you feel towards God?  Romans 5:21


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