Romans 4

Paul continues his discourse on the whether it is an advantage to be a Jew in regards to salvation and Christianity.  In Chapter 3 Paul argued that we are all in the same condition, we all fall short of the glory of God and that we all have the opportunity to be justified by faith.  Now he will give some historical examples of how it works. 

Read Chapter 4 (try a newer translation)

1.      Romans 4:1,2 – Paul lists Abraham as an example of justification by faith.  What conditional word does he use in these verses and what does it mean?


2.      What is the answer to verses 1,2?  Was Abraham justified by the flesh (works) or not?  Romans 4:3


3.      What do verses 4 and 5 mean?  What is the application for your life?


4.      Whose life does Paul also call upon as an example of justification by faith?  Romans 4:6, Ps. 32:1,2


5.      What does justification by faith mean?


6.      What does “impute” mean?  Romans 4:8


7.      Paul’s reasoning then is that faith is reckoned to Abraham for righteousness.  What does that mean?  Romans 4:9


8.      According to verses 8 and 9, something is ‘not imputed’?  What does that mean to you?


9.      Read verses 10-13.  What do these verses reveal to you about faith and works?


10.  What is it that cancels out faith?  Romans 4:14.   How has this principle worked in your life?




11.  Why does the law work wrath?  What does that mean?  4:15


12.  What practical lessons do you see in verses 16,17?






13.  What does it say to you that Abraham “hoped against hope”?  Romans 4:18  What are the applications for this verse in our lives today?



14.  Paul draws upon an example in Abraham’s life to show us how faith works.  What is the example and how do you see his faith working?  Romans 4:19-25




15.  What is one reason why all these things about Abraham were written down?  Romans 4:23



16.  What is the one thing that we need to “do” in order to have righteousness imputed to us?  Romans 4:24.  Do you?



17.  Read Romans 4:25.  Let these words sink into your heart.  Why did Jesus come?  Why was he raised up?  Are you reaping all the benefits of what He did?



18.  How has this chapter helped your faith relationship with God?



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