Romans 2

1.         Why  does Paul start this chapter with “you are without excuse if you judge others” ?  Romans 2:1

2.         Whose judgment can you really trust and what is used to do the judging?  Romans 2:2  What in this verse shows why we are not good judges?

3.         When we judge someone else, what does verse 3 tell us about ourself?  Why do you think Paul has to mention this?

4.         Explain verse 4.  What are the implications of really believing this verse in your own life and in your relationships with others?

5.         Read verses 5-11.  Again Paul contrasts two different things.  What are they and what does it mean to you?

6.         Read verse 11 again.  If God is not respecter of persons, how does he want you to act and feel towards others?

7.         What does it mean to sin without the law or to sin in the law?  Verses 12,13

8.         What is Paul’s reasoning in verses 14-16?  How would you explain his reasoning in modern terms to someone who is struggling with or without religion?

9.         What is Paul trying to say to the religious people of his day about their lives and belief system?  Romans 2:17-26

10.     What applications to our own day could be made from verses 17-26?

11.     What does Paul mean by verses 28,29?  What practical application can we make about ourselves from those verses?

12.     Is it better for a person to be religious or spiritual?

13.     How would you summarize the principles in this chapter to a non-believer?

14.     How would you summarize this chapter to a believer?















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