Romans 1

Overview:  Paul dictated the book of Romans to Tertius (Romans 16:22) from Corinth in about 60 A.D.

He seems intent on helping Christians understand the implications of either believing that Jesus is Lord or in disbelieving that Jesus is the Christ.  In other words, if you believe certain things will happen.  If you don’t accept and believe, certain things will happen.  Maybe if we had a better understanding of Romans, we would have more practical godliness in our lives and a better application of righteousness by faith.  Maybe we would struggle less with being our own Savior and have a greater dependence on the Real Savior.

Read the entire chapter and then go back over the verses to discover the implications of believing or disbelieving in Jesus.

1.        If you believe what will you have, what will be evident in your life, what will you feel or experience?

·         Romans 1:5,6

·         Romans 1:8

·         Romans 1:14

·         Romans 1:16

·         Romans 1:17

2.        If you don’t accept and believe in Jesus, what will be manifest in your life, what will you experience, feel, etc.?

·         Romans 1:18

·         Romans 1:19

·         Romans 1:20

·         Romans 1:21-28

·         Romans 1:29-31

3.       If someone rejects God, what do they tend to promote I others?  Romans 1:32

4.      What  do you receive when you receive grace?  Romans 1:5  What are the implications for your life?

5.      What have you learned from this chapter?

6.      Do you really believe?  How can you tell?





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