Daniel 11 is a continuation of what Gabriel was explaining to Daniel in chapter ten. “But I will tell you what is noted in the Scripture of Truth.” Daniel 10:21 It covers the same historical period as Daniel 2 but with different symbols. (Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, divisions of Greece, pagan Rome, the Church of the Dark Ages). The point is that different nations would arise, but that Satan is behind them all.

1. Which world power was in control when Daniel had this revelation from Gabriel? Daniel 11:1

2. Who is doing the talking in chapter 11? Verse 1

3. What was Gabriel doing for Darius the king? What does this reveal about God?

4. In verse 2, Gabriel begins his details about the future to Daniel. Why?

5. Read verse 2 again? Which world power is this verse talking about?

Note: 1. Cambyses, the son of Cyrus. 2. Smerdis, the Magian, who was an impostor, who pretended to be another son of Cyrus. And, 3. Darius, the son of Hystaspes, who married Mandane, the daughter of Cyrus. Cambyses reigned seven years and five months; Smerdis reigned only seven months; and Darius Hystaspes reigned thirty-six years. 4. Xerxes, the son of Darius, of whom Justin says. “He had so great an abundance of riches in his kingdom, that although rivers were dried up by his numerous armies, yet his wealth remained unexhausted.”

6. Read verse 3,4 – Who is this king of Grecia and what would he do? Remember how his kingdom was divided into four parts in Daniel 7?

7. Read verses 5-15. Here the symbols of king of the north and king of the south are introduced to portray what would happen at the end and after Greece. What stands out in your mind about these verses?

8. Verses 16-30 give details about Pagan Rome (portrayed as the king of the north against the people of God). What would it do?

9. Read verses 30-39. Now Papal Rome is introduced as the king of the north against the people of God. What would it do?

10. After verse 39, the rest of chapter 11 gives details of last day events. Read verse 40, how do you know what time it is talking about?

11. What does the symbol “glorious holy mountain” present? 11:45

12. What would the king of the north try to do to the glorious holy mountain? 11:45

13. To help you understand the king of the north who is against God’s people, read Ps. 48:1,2 and then Isa. 14:13. What do you discover?

14. What does the king of the south represent? Daniel 11:25 -30. Then it disappears from world view during verses 31-39 during the dark ages when Papal Rome dominated. At Daniel 11:40 when the dominance of Papal Rome ended, there is a re-appearance of the king of the south.

15. The king of the south was first portrayed as one of the divisions of Egypt. Why Egypt? If the king of the north is portrayed as a power who is against God and His people, what does the symbol of the king of the south portray? Exodus 5:1,2; Rev. 11:8 – used again as a symbol.

16. Now read verse 40. Who pushed at the papal power in 1798? What did the Papal power do?

17. What would the king of the north do in verses 42,43?

18. What are the tidings of the east and why does it infuriate the king of the north? 11:44


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