Daniel 10 occurred in the year 538 B.C. when Daniel was nearly 90 years old.

1. In the King James Version of Daniel 10, verse one says, “a thing” was revealed to Daniel? What was the “thing”?

2. How was this vision different at the first than the vision of chapter 8? Daniel 10:1

3. Why was Daniel fasting and praying? 10:3

4. What are the benefits of fasting and prayer together?

5. Describe what Daniel saw……10:4-6. Who else saw a similar person? Rev. 1:13-16

6. In the description of Jesus, what impresses you the most?

7. What happened to the people with Daniel when he saw the vision? Why? 10:7

8. How did Daniel react to the vision? How did he feel? 10:8 How would you have felt?

9. How did He respond to Daniel? 10:9,10 What encouragement do you see in how Daniel was treated acts?

10. Read verse 11. Make this verse personal. What is God saying to you?

11. Why did He come to Daniel? What had been happening in the background at the beginning of Daniel’s prayer? 10:12

12. Who is the Prince of the kingdom of Persia? How did he withstand God’s influence?

13. Who is Michael and what did he do? 10:13

14. What was the main purpose of this vision? 10:14

15. How can you apply what happened to Cyrus to your life or people you know?

16. How did Daniel respond to this revelation? 10:15-17 Why?

17. Read verse 18. It says “then he touched me again and strengthened me”….what does this mean to you in a personal way? How is God doing this for you today?

18. In verse 19, God repeats three themes that are used throughout the Bible. What are they?

19. “And when he had spoken to me, I was strengthened.” 10:19. How could this happen to you on a daily basis?

20. How would verses 20 and 21 have encouraged Daniel and given him hope?

21. How do verses 20 and 21 give you encouragement and hope?

22. Who in your life is being fought for today? What can you do to help?

23. What is the promise in verse 21? Have you claimed it?

24. What personal thing is told Daniel about Michael the prince? Is it true for you too?

25. What is the best thing that you learned about God from this chapter?

26. In this great spiritual battle that is raging, who is by your side to strengthen you?


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