Daniel’s experience in Chapter 9 happens in the first year of Darius which was 534 B.C. It was 13 years after the visions of chapter 8.

1. Read the last verse of chapter 8. Daniel didn’t understand the vision, yet it took 13 years for the meaning to be revealed. How did Daniel cope with that delay? How do you cope with unanswered prayers without discouragement? What helps you?

2. What had Daniel been doing to help can insight into the vision? Daniel 9:2

3. After receiving the vision of the 2300 years, when Daniel read Jeremiah 29:10, what might that verse have done for him?

4. What did Daniel do with his questions? 9:3 What do you do with your perplexities?

5. How did Daniel start his prayer to God? 9:4 How did he feel about himself?

6. How does it help us as Christians to identify with our situation as a group instead of just as individuals like Daniel did in verse 5?

7. What did Daniel see was the problem in why they were in captivity? 9:5-7

8. In verses 5-12 Daniel makes some comparisons between Man and God, by saying things like “we are….” And “God is…..” What comparisons do you see?

9. Even though all these things had come upon the people, what had they still failed to do? 9:13 What can you learn from this?

10. What is Daniel saying in verse 14?

11. What reasoning does Daniel use in his prayer to God in verse 15? How can you use it today?

12. What is Daniel’s request to God? Daniel 9:16-19

13. What happened while Daniel was still praying? 9:20-21

14. How does verse 23 encourage you?

15. What is the meaning of the vision as Gabriel revealed it to Daniel? Why is it important? Daniel 9:24-27

16. What is the most important thing God has taught you from this chapter? How can you use it to help someone else?


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