Two years expired between the events of Daniel 7 and Daniel 8. Now it’s the third year of Belshazzar.

1. Read verse 1. What is this chapter about, according to Daniel?

2. What was Daniel given from God? Why? Verse 2

3. Explain what Daniel saw? Daniel 8:3-12

4. Who did the ram represent? Verse 20

5. Who did the goat represent? Verse 21

6. The focal point of this chapter is the little horn. What did he do? Verses 8-12, and 23-26.

7. Did Daniel really understand this vision at this time? Verse 27. Why or why not?

8. What is the question about this vision? Verse 13

9. How did the angel begin to answer the question? Verse 14

10. Why would the little horn be against the sanctuary? Verse 11

11. What does the sanctuary teach us about God? Why would the devil want to eclipse it?

12. What does the cleansing of the sanctuary mean? Verse 14

13. Read verse 17. How would you have reacted to the vision and the revelation?

14. When did this vision apply? Verse 18,19

15. Why would the little horn stand against the Prince of princes? Verse 25

16. Why did all of this sicken Daniel? Verse 27

17. What have you learned about the big picture of world history from this chapter?

18. What have you learned about God?

19. How could you use the concepts in this chapter to encourage someone?

20. How does this chapter relate to Revelation 13?


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