This chapter begins the six chapters that are prophesies. Daniel had a dream. He saw four beasts. These beasts parallel the dream of Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 2 except Daniel’s dream adds the perspective of what would happen with God’s people and not just the kingdoms of the world.

Babylon – Gold – Lion

Medo-Persia – Silver – Bear

Greece – Bronze – Leopard

Rome – Iron – Hybrid Animal

Europe – Toes – 10 Horns

Little Horn – Papal Rome

1. Why would God give Daniel a vision of world history with more details than the world history he gave to the king of Babylon?

2. How do you know that the four beasts are four kingdoms?

3. What do the wings on the lion mean? Why was a man’s heart given to it? What details are here that the king had not received?

4. Why was the bear raised up on one side? What do the ribs mean?

5. Why did the leopard have birds wings? What did the four heads portray?

6. Write down the things the fourth beast would do? Verse 7

7. As Daniel saw the vision, what did he see the little horn doing? Verse 8

8. In the middle of the vision, God gave Daniel a view of Himself, sitting on the throne of heaven….why would God show him that? Verses 9-10

9. At the end of Daniel’s vision, what did he happened to the beasts and how did the vision end?

10. Did Daniel understand the vision? Verse 15

11. What the summary that was given to Daniel of what the dream meant? 7:18

12. Why is it important to understand the big picture of what God is doing, and not just the details along the way?

13. Verse 19 says that Daniel wanted to know the details about the fourth beast. What response did he get?

14. If things are not clear to you, what do you do? What response do you expect?

15. What was told to Daniel about the fourth beast? Verses 23-25

16. How does it make you feel to know that the fourth beast would do these things to God, to God’s people, and to God’s Word? What will you do about it?

17. What was the concluding thought about the vision that was expressed to Daniel? Why do you think this was repeated at the beginning and the end of the explanation to him? Verses 26,27

18. Why was Daniel so troubled by the vision?

19. As you have observed what the beast has done through history, how does it trouble you?

20. What does this chapter motivate you to do?

21. How does this chapter help you to understand God better?

22. What do you think God wants you to do with the understanding you have so far?

23. If you had lived during the beasts control in the past (538-1798), how would you have responded? Who would have had your loyalty? To what lengths would you have gone to stand for God?

24. Since Revelation reveals that these issues will face God’s people again, who do you hope will have your loyalty then? How can you ensure that you will stand with God in the heat of the issues?


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