Daniel 6 proves that a man whose heart is stayed on God will be the same in the hour of his greatest trial as he is in prosperity.

A. The Plot against Daniel

B. Daniel in the Lion’s Den

C. Darius in the Palace

1. Draw the structure of Darius leadership – Daniel 6:1-2

2. What was the king thinking about doing? 6:3

3. Why didn’t the governors want this to happen?

4. What did they plot to do? 6:5-7

5. How did they use the kings ego against himself? 6:8

6. When Daniel knew about the decree, what did he do and why do think he did it? V10

7. How was it discovered that Daniel was praying to God? What does this tell you about the principles of these other governors? 6: 11

8. When they caught Daniel, what did they do immediately? How did the king react and why? 6:12-14

9. What does verse 16 tell you about the kings thoughts about God?

10. How did the king spend his night in the palace? 6:18

11. How did Daniel spend his night in the lion’s den? 6:32

12. What does the way they spent reveal to you about peace and how it can be obtained?

13. Since the king went down to the den early in the morning, what must he have been thinking? 6:19,20

14. How would you have responded when you heard Daniel’s voice?

15. What happened to those who plotted against Daniel?

16. What principle do you learn from this?

17. What had the king learned about peace? 6:25

18. How did his view of God differ because of the deliverance of Daniel? How was it the same? V. 26-27

19. What do you learn about prayer from this chapter?

20. What did you learn about God?

21. What is one thing you discovered about yourself from this chapter?

22. How could you use this story to help someone?

23. What does this story teach you about the issues you may face in the future?


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