Daniel 5 is a glimpse into Babyonian life and the outcome of living for pleasure alone without connection to God. Daniel is about 80 at the time of this story and Belshazzar is about 36.

Read the chapter.

1. Belshazzar was king, he was the grandson of Nebuchadnezzar. What did he do and why? Daniel 5:1-5

2. Why was it wrong, even by Babylonian standards, to take the golden cups that had been in the temple and drink out of them?

3. What effect did the wine have on what they did? What do you learn from this?

4. What gods did they praise? What does it mean when you praise a god? V. 4

5. Read verse 5. What does this verse reveal about God?

6. How did the king respond to the hand? V. 6 Why did he feel that way?

7. In verse 7, he called for help. Who did he call and why?

8. Think about the tests that the wise men have had so far since chapter 1. Write out the tests and see if you can figure out what God was trying to teach them?

9. Compare verse 6 with verse 9. What is the difference?

10. If the queen came into the banquet, what does that tell you about her? Verse 10,11 What was her advice? How did she know?

11. What was Daniel’s reputation with the queen like? Daniel 5:11,12

12. What attitudes do you sense in the King in what he said to Daniel? V. 13-15

13. Read verse 17. How could Daniel answer so positively?

14. Why do you think Daniel rehearsed the history of Nebuchadnezzar to Belshazzar?

15. Read verse 22. What does this tell you about the relationship between Daniel and the King? What does it say about Belshazzar?

16. What did Daniel say was the key problem with Belshazzar? Verse 23

17. In your own words, what did the writing mean?

18. What happened to Babylon and the King that very night?

19. The call in Revelation 14 is to “come out of Babylon” – what lessons can you learn from Daniel 5 that would apply to our culture today?

20. What is the one thing the Holy Spirit is speaking to your heart about from this chapter?

21. What could you use in this chapter to help someone else?

22. Read verse 7 again. When trouble came, who did the king rely on? Who do you turn to first when trouble happens? Why?

23. In verse 12 it says Daniel, with God working in Him, could “dissolve doubts”….How could you be a person who helps others dissolve doubts?

24. Some say old people are retired from working for God. How does this story prove that saying to be a lie?

25. What did you like best about this story?


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