In this chapter, Nebuchadnezzar is about 60 years and Daniel is around 35. Nebuchadnezzar wrote this chapter as his personal testimony. At the end, you can write out your personal testimony. Read the chapter.

1. Who was this testimony written to? 4:1 Why is it a big deal?

2. Why did he write it? 4:2,3

3. What is it about verses 2 and 3 that reveal His relationship with God?

4. What is it about other people’s conversation that reveals their relationship with God?

5. What was Nebuchadnezzar’s dream this time? 4:5-7

6. How was this an easier test for the wise men of Babylon than the previous dream? Did they pass? Why or why not?

7. When did Daniel come to the help of the king? 4:8 What do you learn from this?

8. What had been Nebuchadnezzar’s experience with Daniel? 4:9-10

9. What was the dream? 4:11-18

10. What kind of confidence did the king have in Daniel and his God at this point? 4:18

11. Why was Daniel shocked for an hour after hearing the dream? 4:19

12. What did the king want Daniel to do? 4:19 How does this apply to your own life?

13. What did the dream mean for the king? 4:20-27

14. What was Daniel’s personal appeal to the king? 4:27

15. Does God want you to make personal appeals to the people in your life?

16. After one year, how was the king responding to God? What does this tell you about human nature? 4:28-31

17. What did the king do that brought him back to his senses? Look at the verbs in verse 34? How do these things relate to us today?

18. What was the kings response to God after this “animal” experience? 4:37

19. How would you describe repentance to someone?

20. In the kings testimony, he describes his life before he surrendered to God, how he came to know God, and his attitude towards life and God now. Use his model to write down your own testimony:




21. Why is your testimony about God always a work in progress?

22. Who are the people in “your kingdom” that need to hear what God has done, is doing, and will do for you?

23. God kept a band of iron around the king during his “off” time. Who do you need to pray for that needs God’s band of iron around them as they go off on the wild side?


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