In Daniel chapter we discovered the Power of Decision. Daniel chose to put God first in his life and God blessed him. In chapter 2, we will discover the Power of Prayer. Are you worried about the future? Do you have situations bigger than yourself?

Read the entire chapter.

1. Why was Nebuchadnezzar so troubled? Dan. 2:1, 29

2. What are you worried about? As you study this chapter, write down the assurances that you find for what is troubling you:

3. Who did the king call for help in understanding the dream? Verse 2. What methods did they use? Were they helpful? Are these methods still used today? Are they helpful now?

4. What was the test for the Chaldeans (wise men)? Dan. 2:4-6

5. Why were they confident that they could do what they said they could do in verse 7? What does this tell you about them? Verse 8-9

6. What truth did they speak in verse 10?

7. What was their concept of God? Verse 11? Is this concept still believed today? How could you help someone who believes this way?

8. What was the kings response? Why? Dan. 2:12,13

9. What kind of relationship did Daniel have with Arioch, the captain? 2:14-15

10. What kind of relationship did Daniel have with the king? 2:16

11. What did Daniel do with the dilemma? Verse 17,18

12. What do you do first with dilemmas you face?

13. How was the secret revealed to Daniel? Verse 19

14. What did Daniel do to “bless” the God of heaven? How could we apply these same principles to “bless” Him ourselves? Verses 20-23

15. What was Arioch’s claim in verse 25? Why?

16. How did Daniel respond to the king’s question of his ability to make the thing known? Verses 27,28

17. What was Daniel’s opinion of himself? Verse 30

18. What does this image mean and what does it tell you about God? About the times we are living in?

19. Read verse 37. What was Daniel trying to get Nebuchadnezzar to understand?

20. How did the king respond to the interpretation of the dream? Verses 46-49

21. What would your “truly” statement be about the God of heaven? Verse 47

22. What did Daniel do for his friends? Why? Verse 49

23. What is the main thing you have learned about God from this chapter?


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