The book of Daniel consists of six stories that teach us about our own faith relationship with God in these last days, and six prophecies which teach us what to expect in the last days from the enemies of God. Each chapter is packed with personal application and provides the necessities to survive through the closing hours of earth’s history. The book is especially written for those who live at the time of the end. Daniel 12:9

Read the entire chapter.

1. Chapter One, verse one sets the stage for this story. Who are the characters and what is the setting for the story? What do they represent in the bigger scheme of world history?

2. Why did God allow Babylon to overthrow Jerusalem?

3. In the church today, why does God allow evil men to triumph at times? How can this help us?

4. What happened to the things in the temple of God? Verse 2. Why?

5. Who as Asphenaz? What was he in charge of? What was the Babylonian plan for these youth? Verses 3-6.

6. Read verse 6. What do the words “now among these” tell you about the situation?

7. When Daniel arrived in Babylon, what decision did he make and why? Verse 8

8. What does verse 8 teach us about our own walk with God?

9. What does verse 8 teach us about temptation?

10. How was God working in this situation? Verse 9

11. What was Asphenaz’s assumption about Daniel’s decision? Verse 10

12. How do you deal with people’s false assumptions about the things you do? How did Daniel deal with it? Verse 11,12

13. How could ten days really make a difference? Verse 12-14

14. What was the criteria for the test? What was the result? 12-15

15. In what ways could you adapt what Daniel did to improve your present lifestyle? Could you do the same kind of ten day test? In what area?

16. What was the curriculum for these Hebrews training? Verse 17

17. How did God help them? Verse 17

18. At the end of the ten days, when the king interviewed them, what results did he find? Verse 18-20

19. Why were they ten times better? What does this tell you?

20. What are the personal lessons that you learn from this chapter?

21. How are the principles of this chapter needed in our church today?

22. What are the things in this chapter that really encourage you about your own “captivity”?

23. How could you use this story to help someone you know?

24. What “purposes in your heart” could you make a decision on right now and then pray for God to make you more wise and have more clarity about them?


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