Spiritual Gifts Summary


·         Able to assist others in determining spiritual problems but tend to render judgments rather than helping others change

·         Could effectively choose or nominate church members for positions where they would serve well

·         Can correctly distinguish a spirit of truth from a spirit of error before it is apparent to others



·         Easy to genuinely comfort someone who is hurting and I’m quick to encourage others

·         Can make effective appeals by urging certain courses of action

·         Help to strengthen positive behavior rather than criticizing negative behavior



·         At ease asking people to make a decision for Christ / has a burden for others.

·         People often ask me how to become a Christian & Can lead people to make a commitment to Jesus

·         More interested in the end results of soul winning rather than how people are led to decision



·         Easy for me to rely upon God for all my needs

·         Am often impatient with methodical, cautious thinking

·         Convinced that seemingly impossible tasks can be accomplished & can see hope in apparently hopeless situations



·         My gifts to others are often answers to specific prayers

·         Can make wise investments with the ultimate goal of sharing my gains

·         Am sensitive to the material needs of others and desire to meet those needs without publicity



·         Natural for me to meet people’s immediate needs rather than their long term needs

·         Enjoy meeting strangers and having them in my home. People enjoy coming to large gatherings in my home

·         If someone were in need of lodging, I would offer my home to meet the need



·         Mentally grasps how biblical information fits into the great themes of Scripture

·         Tends to measure spiritual maturity on the basis of biblical knowledge

·         Can probe to deep levels of Bible topics and enjoys answering & discussing Bible questions



·         People look to me when opinions are being sought

·         I tend to assume responsibility if no structured leadership exists & fosters a spirit of unity and enthusiasm

·         Can lead out in discussions, harmonize points of view, draw conclusions, delegate authority



·         Am sympathetic and Understanding – People share their struggles with me because of this

·         Often lack firmness and decisiveness because I am sensitive about offending others

·         Am moved with compassion toward society’s outcasts (drunkards, homeless etc.)



·         Happy living in primitive conditions if able to share the gospel with others

·         Feel comfortable with people who are racially and culturally different from me

·         Able to communicate well with people from all walks of life



·         Very conscious of efficiency and order (or lack there of) within the church

·         Am well organized in my personal life & can delegate responsibility

·         Can see how elements fit into the overall picture and work logically toward long-range goals





·         My prayers are personal and to the point rather than vague and impersonal

·         Much of my prayer time is spent in praying for the needs of others

·         Can recognize when my prayers have been specifically answered



·         People are motivated when I speak

·         Can apply Scripture to life in a clear, logical, powerful way

·         Ability to exhort, teach, and console in my speaking



·         Will endure personal inconvenience to help meet a need

·         Would rather help out somewhere, rather than be a leader

·         Am willing to use my talents any way I can, and tend to become over involved because of this tendency



·        Would rather nurture members rather than reach out to non-members

·        Very concerned about promoting unity within the church

·        Provides a calming, soothing effect on those around them



·         Cares a great deal about the accuracy of information

·         Can communicate well on the level of my listeners

·         Can foster participation and interest in presenting a spiritual subject



·         Know when to take an uncompromising stand and when to change a position

·         Can apply what I learn to practical life situations

·         Can predict with excellent accuracy the long-term results of decisions



·         Enablement by God creatively design and/or construct items to be used for ministry



·         Ability to glorify God and make Him known through the use of vocal or instrumental music






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