Philippians 4

Paul concludes his “happy” letter in this chapter.  It is the last book he ever wrote.  We can expect that his last words will be powerful and endearing.


1.  If someone you respected said the words in verse 1 to you, how would you feel?


2.  What does it mean to “stand fast in the Lord”?  How is it different from just “standing fast”?



3.  What do you think was going on with Euodia and Syntyche?  4:2  What did Paul want them to do?


4.  What did some women do back them, according to Paul?  4:3  What does this mean today?



5.  How do we get our name in the Book of Life?  4:3


6.  Rejoice in the Lord always.  4:4 How?



7.  Why does Paul repeat the saying?  4:4


8.  Why is verse 4 especially powerful since Paul wrote it from jail, chained between two guards 24/7?



9.  How do we let “our gentleness be known”?  4:5


10.  If you really believed “the Lord is at hand” – how would it change how you lived today?  4:5



11.  Rewrite verse 6 in your own words.



12.  After having written 4:6 in your own words, how could you actually live it more fully?



13.  If we “do” verse 6, what is the result?  4:7



14.  Read 4:8.  What does this verse say to you in very practical terms?  What convictions do you feel from it? 



15.  If you applied verse 8 to your life, what would you cut out of your daily itinerary?  What would you add?



16.  In verse 9, Paul mentions several areas of example and styles of teaching.  Which one do you learn from the best?  The least?  Which one is your style of teaching?


         Learning (knowledge) –

         Hearing –

         Seeing –

         Receiving (gifts)-


17.  How could you become more effective at using these styles when trying to help others learn about God?



18.  How did the Philippians show their care for Paul?  4:10


19.  What does verse 11 mean? 


20.  Rate yourself on how well you think you have learned to have the attitude of 4:11:


21.  How does a person “learn” to be content?  4:11



22. What are the contrasts that Paul mentions in 4:12.  How do they apply to us today?



23.  Memorize 4:13.  How could this verse help you?



24.  Why do some Christians hesitate to share their concerns and stresses with their fellow believers when Paul says things like verse 14,15?



25.  What meant more to Paul than the material gifts of the Philippians?  4:16-18


26.  Read 4:19.  What does this verse say to you about your needs right now?



27.  Which verses from this chapter could you remember so that you can share them with others who are distressed, depressed, discontent, or down?



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