Philippians 2

Paul continues his thoughts from the previous chapter, and adds the most powerful model for us to follow.


1.  Why does verse one start with the word “therefore”?


2.  Paul says “if there is” – and then he names 4 things – what are they, and what is it that will result when those four things are present?  2:1,2




3.  Why is unity important?  2:2


4.  How is unity different from uniformity? 2:2


5.  What does it mean to esteem others as better than your self?  How does that play out in daily life?  2:3



6.  Imagine what your day would be like if you, and those in your life, lived verse 4…how would it be different than now?


7.  Why do we need the mind of Jesus, what is wrong with our own mind?  2:5



8.  How did Jesus live, being in the mindset that he had?  2:6-8  List his attitudes and behaviours:




9.  What does it mean to humble yourself?  2:8


10.  As a result of how he lived, what did God do?  2:9-11



11.  Read verse 12,13 carefully.  What does it mean to “work out your own salvation”?



12.  How can we come to the place where we “do” verse 14?



13.  How does God want us to stand out in this generation?  Why?  2:15



14.  What is it that makes a Christian different from the crooked world?  2:16



15.  Read verse 17,18.  What do these verses mean?

16.  What was communication like back then?  2:19.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of the communication we have today?



17.  How important is it to be with people who are like-minded?  What does it do for you to have a friend on the same wave-length?  2:20  What did it mean for Paul?



18.  Read verse 21.  How is this applicable today?



19.  How important do you think reputation is?  2:22 



20.  Read 2:23,24 – what would say is Paul’s optimistic level on a scale of 1-10?  What would you say yours is?



21.  What kind of relationship did Epaphroditus have with the Philippians?  How important are these kinds of relationships to you?  What do you do to ensure that these kind of relationships are maintained?  2:25-30




22.  Choose one person in your life and this week, do something every day to enrich that relationship, regardless of what they do for you.  Who is the person?  What could you do?




23.  What could you do this week to have more of the “mind of Jesus” and less of your own mind?



24.  What has helped you the most from this chapter?



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