Philippians 1

Paul’s letter to the Philippians is often called the “happy letter”.  How can this be when he wrote it from jail?  As we study these words, hopefully we can also learn how to be happy in God no matter what is happening.

1.  Who wrote this book with Paul?  1:1  Why?

2.  Paul greets all the saints and says, “grace to you”?  What does this expression mean?


3.  Read verse 3.  Who are you thankful for in your life?



4.  What specific things did Paul say he appreciated about the Philippians?  1:3-7





5.  What does verse 6 say to you?



6.  How could you use verse 6 to encourage a discouraged person?


7.  Where did Paul get such deep love for them?  1:8


8.  If there is someone in your life that you “should” have a deep love for, how can you get it?


9.  What was he praying for them?  1:9-11.  




10.  Read verse 12.  What did he want them to understand?  Why?


11.  What good came out of him being in prison?  1:13-14



12.  How could you keep a more positive attitude as you or those you know go through trials?



13.  Paul says some preachers do it for wrong reasons, some for right reasons, what is his conclusion about them?  1:15-18



14.  What do verses 15-18 teach you about your own witnessing to others?



15.  What was it that gave Paul confidence?  1:19


16.  What was the over-riding concept that kept him going?  1:19,20

17.  What does verse 21 mean?



18.  If he kept living, and prison didn’t kill him, what did he expect?  1:22


19.  What were the two options he was stuck between?  Have you ever felt that way?  1:23,24




20.  How do people misinterpret verse 23?



21.  How could Paul be so confident that he would make it?  1:24-26  What was his purpose for pressing on?



22.  What did Paul want the Philippians to do? 

            a.  1:27_________________________________________________

            b.  1:27_________________________________________________

            c.  1:27 _________________________________________________

            d.  1:28_________________________________________________


23.  What has been granted to Christians, even today?  1:29  Why?



24.  What was Paul saying in verse 30?  How does this relate to us now?



25.  What is your favorite verse in this chapter?  Why?


26.  Who could you pray for right now, about some of the things Paul was praying for his friends?


27.  When you are torn between doing what is “easy” and doing what is “right”, what concepts from this chapter could help you chose what is right?




Scenario:  You meet someone who is terribly discouraged, they want to give up, they can’t take it anymore.  Tired of trying.  Hate themselves for failing again.  How could you use this chapter to let God inspire them to keep pressing on?  Which verses would you use?  What would God say to them through you?


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