12 Parables – Learning by Contrasts


Sometimes when you compare two things together you get a better perspective of which direction you want to go. The Bible is full of compare and contrast illustrations to help us see the results of choosing one option or the other. 


Story One: Luke 16:19-31


1. Read the whole parable and then describe:


 “the rich man” –




 “the beggar” –






2. What did Lazarus, the beggar, want?


3. How do you know this is figurative language in verse 22? 




4. In the story why did the beggar go to Abraham’s bossom and the rich man go to Hades? What was Jesus trying to get them to understand?






5. How do you know that verse 24 isn’t describing the real heaven and hell?




6. What was Abraham’s response, in the story, to the rich man’s request? Why?




7. What was the rich man’s request when he realized there was no hope for himself? V. 27-28




8. In the story, the response that was the key that Jesus was trying to press home to the Jewish listens was what? V. 29-31




9. What is the difference between the rich man and Lazarus?




10. What is the take away factor in this story that Jesus wants us to hold on to?




Story Two: Luke 18:9-14


11. Why did Jesus tell this story about the Pharisee and the tax collector?




12. Where were the two men and what were their reasons for being there?


13. At the time Jesus told this story, what was the view of the people of a Pharisee and of a tax collector (Publican)?




14. Who did the Pharisee pray to? Why?




15. What was the Pharisee’s attitude like?




16. What did the Pharisee trust in?




17. What was the publican’s attitude like?




18. What did he trust in?




19. Why did the publican beat his chest?




20. What result in this story did Jesus give? How do you think the people responded to the story?




21. What is the point of the story?


22. How are “the rich man” and “the Pharisee” alike?






23. How are “the beggar” and “the publican” alike?






24. What is the big lesson for us from these two stories?


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