11 Parables – Who is Ready?


When Jesus was gathered around a group of people He told stories but He told stories with a purpose and the purpose was to help people be prepared for what was coming. When you are in a group setting, any group, you too can have a story to tell, a story that might make a difference in helping someone be ready.


Story One: Luke 14:15-24


1. Where was Jesus when he told this story and who is He telling it to? 14:1,15


2. Why do you think “the certain man” made a great supper in the first place?




3. Who did he send out to invite people to the supper and how does it relate to you?




4. How many people made excuses? What does this tell you?




5. List the excuses that were made and what you learn from them?








6. Why did the man become angry?




7. What is the difference between sending the servants out to the “streets and lanes” verses sending them to the “highways and hedges”?




8. What do you learn about soul winning from this story?




9. Read verse 24 again. What does this verse mean?




Story Two: Matthew 25:1-13


11. Where was Jesus when he told this story and who did he tell it too? Matt. 24:3 What difference does it make?




12. Tell the story to someone this week, in your own words, as if you are telling a child (even adults like children’s stories).




13. Who do the virgins represent in the story?




14. Why were some of them wise and some foolish? What was the criteria that made them wise or foolish?




15. What did the foolish virgins expect from the wise virgins and how does this relate to us today?




16. What understanding did the wise have that the foolish didn’t have? 25:9




17. What was the real reason why the foolish weren’t ready?




18. Why didn’t the Lord open the door to the foolish virgins and what did he say to them? What does it mean?






19. What does it mean to “watch”?



 20. What does the lamp represent in the parable? What does the oil represent? (really think about it’s application in real life).


21. What does it mean to have the lamp “trimmed”?


22. In the story, all the virgins fell asleep, but when they woke up, what made the difference between the wise and foolish?


23. The foolish virgins did not have lamps that were out, but that were “going out”. What does this say to you?


24. How do you feel about the foolish virgins? 



25. What can we do to keep from ever hearing Jesus say, “I do not know you.”


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