10 Parables – Understanding the Lost!


The Pharisees, in Jesus’ day, were religious leaders and yet they seemed to have no concept of the needs of the lost or of their accountability or responsibility to reaching them. Jesus told these stories in Luke 15 to try to help them understand the need.


Story One: Luke 15:1-7


1. Why do you think all the tax collectors and sinners wanted to be near to Jesus?




2. What was the attitude of the Pharisees and scribes towards these people? What was Jesus’ attitude?




3. Who do you think the Pharisees said the words to in verse 2? How would you describe complaining? What do you learn about complaining from verse 2?






4. Tell the story of the lost sheep in your own words.








5. How does a sheep get lost? 


6. Who does the sheep represent in the story?




7. Why does Jesus put the 99 sheep in the wilderness in his story, why aren’t they in the barn?




8. When “the man” found his sheep, how did he want to celebrate? Why?




9. What is it that causes joy in heaven? Who is happy there about it? Why?




10. How does a lost sheep act?




Story Two: Luke 15:8-10


11. How is a lost coin not like a lost sheep?




12. Where was the coin lost at?




13. How does the lady want to celebrate when she finds the coin? Why?




14. When Jesus made the analogy about heaven in this story, how is it similar or different than the analogy he made in verse 7? Why?




Story Three: Luke 15:11-32


15. How did the son in this story become lost? How is it different than the sheep or the coin?




16. What was the father’s reactions to the sons decisions to:


 a. Give me my share of the inheritance


 b. While the son was away


 c. When the son came home


 d. After he hugged the son




17. What was Jesus trying to help the Pharisees see?




18. In what ways were the Pharisees like the other son in this story?




19. At what times in your life have you thought or done verse 18? What was the result?


20. Read verse 29. How would you describe the other son’s relationship to his father? What did he base it on and how is it similar to the Pharisees?




21. When you put these three stories together, what do you learn about the lost?




22. In what ways have your attitudes been like the Pharisees and in what ways have they been like Jesus’ attitude?


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