09 Parables – Finding our place!


Jesus told some stories to sort of slap us in the face with a dose of reality. Foolishness is often easy to see in others but hard to see in ourselves. Pray about these stories this week.


Story One: Luke 12:13-21


1. Why did Jesus tell this story? What is the context?


2. Why didn’t Jesus just tell people what to do straight out? Isn’t that what we would do?




3. What was Jesus’ first response to the man?




4. What is covetousness? Why should one beware of it?




5. How do we beware of it?




6. What did this rich man do? Why? 








7. What was the rich man’s reasoning?




8. Why did God call him a fool?




9. How does a person become rich toward God?






10. What is the lesson of this story? 






Story Two: Luke 14:7-11


10. Where was Jesus when he told this story and what was happening?




11. What do you think of the fact that when Jesus saw an issue he told a story instead of reprimanding directly? How could we use this?




12. Why shouldn’t a person seek out the best place to sit?




13. Is this story really about where to sit or is it about something else?




14. What happens if you sit in the lowest place? Is it a guarantee that you will be called up higher?




15. What does it mean to exalt yourself?




16. What does it mean to humble yourself?




17. Why is the result based on the action?




18. What does it mean to have glory in the presence of those who sit with you at the table? What was Jesus saying here?




19. In this story, Jesus is responding to what was happening at the Pharisees house. How well do you think this story went over?






20. Let’s apply the principle that Jesus demonstrated: You are at a dinner and you see that people in the front of the line are taking two plates of food, and you are worried that those in the back of the line won’t get any. What story would you tell to teach a lesson that would change the behavior of those at the dinner? (suppose you had their complete attention as you told the story).


21. Imagine that God is looking at your life, what kind of story would he be telling you today? Why? What would be his point?


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