08 Parables – Learning from good examples?


There are two ways to learn: the easy way, the hard way. You’ve probably learned mostly the hard way. Just saying! Jesus tells these stories so we can learn the easy way more often.


Story One: Luke 10:25-37


1. Tell the story of the good Samaritan in your own words.








2. Why did Jesus tell this story? What was it in response to?




3. Why is it significant that the man went to Jerusalem? How does this relate to church today?




4. Why did the priest pass him by?




5. Why did the Levite pass him by?




6. Why didn’t the Samaritan pass him by?


7. What is the answer to the question in verse 36?




8. What point was Jesus trying to make? What are the lessons for us today?




9. How will the kings people act towards others?






Story Two: Luke 11:5-13


10. Why does Jesus tell this story in the context of the question “Lord teach us to pray?”




11. How many friends are in this story? How do you describe it?




12. Why does the friend need bread?




13. What is the lesson in this story about asking for a friend?






14. Why does the friend initially not answer the door?




15. What does it mean that he won’t answer because he’s a friend but because he’s persistent?




16. What does this story teach us about praying?




17. Why is our persistence important? Is God just like the friend in the story? How would you explain this?






18. What is the point Jesus is making?




19. Why didn’t the friend have anything? He said, “I have nothing?” Why not?




20. What did it cost each of the friends to meet the needs of the traveler?




21. Who does the traveler represent in the story?

22. How much will the friend give? Vs. 8 What does this tell you about God? 




23. How do you respond to the needs of others? 




24. What do we really have to give to others? What does this story reveal about meeting the such great needs?




25. What is one thing that really hits you from this story?


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