07 Parables – What’s a talent?


Towards the end of his life, Jesus told more pointed and intense stories about the kingdom and the king and the king’s people. The story for this week is one of them. One story, one huge lesson.


Story One: Matthew 25:14-30


1. What was a talent in Jesus’ day?


2. Why did the man deliver his goods to his servants? What were his expectations?




3. What expectations does God have towards you?




4. Why does it say in verse 14 “his own” servants?


5. Map out the story – servants, talents, investment results.










6. If you wanted to invest, which servant would you choose? Why?




7. Why did the servant bury his talent? What was his reasoning?






8. In what ways is our reasoning similar or different from his?






9. What does it mean, as a lesson, that the lord came and settled accounts? What does this tell us about life?






10. What was the lords response to each of the servants who increased their talents?






11. How did the one talent guy “know” that the lord was a hard man? Where did he get this information?




12. What was his accusation against the lord?




13. What is your deep down view of the Lord?






14. Why was the man afraid?




15. How could he think that returning exactly what he was given was fair? Was it fair?




16. The lord called him a wicked and lazy servant for a reason, what was the reason? Think about it.






17. What does it mean to everyone who “has” more will be given? In the context, the lazy servant had one talent, but it was taken away? How do you reconcile this?






18. What does this story mean for us today? What is Jesus trying to teach us?






19. What talents do you have? 


20. What is your relationship to the lord? How does your relationship determine what you will do with what he gives you?




21. How does this relate to our relationships of others? How do our views of them affect how we treat them?




22. What is your take away value from this story?





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