06 Parables – Learning from Laborers


Jesus told several stories about laborers in various situations. As you read these stories, think about the attitudes of the laborers, both good and bad, and compare them to your own.


Story One: Matthew 20:1-6


1. The kingdom of heaven is like………What do these words mean to you?


2. What did the landowner do and why? Tell it in your own words.






3. What was the difference between what he told the first laborers and what he told the later laborers?




4. For what reason were “others” doing nothing? What do you learn from this?




5. Why did he pay the last first? 




6. Why did the first think they deserved more than the last?




7. What lessons do you learn from this story about the kingdom of heaven?




Story Two: Matthew 21:33-46


9. Why did Jesus say, “Hear another parable?”


10. What did the landowner do to ensure that his vineyard would be the best possible? What is the lesson for us?




11. How did the vinedressers treat the servants of the landowner? Why?






12. What expectations did the landowner have of the vinedressers?




13. How did the people respond to this parable? Did they understand what Jesus was trying to say at that point? Why or why not?




14. Read verses 43-46 – Why was Jesus so clear at this point and how did they respond?




15. What do you learn about God from this story?




16. What do you learn about yourself? Where are you in the story?






Story Three: Matthew 24:45-51


17. What is this story?






18. Who are the “them” they were supposed to give food to?






19. What does the evil servant say in his heart and what effect does it have in his behavior and life?






20. What connection is there between what you believe and what you do?



21. How did the belief the evil servant held about the Master affect his relationships with his fellow servants? What do you learn about church from this?



 22. Why will the servant not be looking for the coming of his master?


23. What is the faithful servant doing in this story? Why?




24. What do you learn about the king from this story?





25. What do you learn about the kings laborers from this story?






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