05 Parables – Family Dysfunctions


The Bible parables are supposed to give us real life association lessons, so that 
we are reminded of the deep spiritual truth God is trying to reveal to us. 
It’s the everyday things in life that really pack the biggest spiritual punch.


Story One: Matthew 21:28-32


1. How does this story start out? Why? Matthew 21:28


2. What did the man want his sons to do and what was their response?






3. Which son do you think had the better attitude? Why do you think that?






4. Jesus, the Son of God, was telling the story. What point was He trying to make? What do you think?






5. What is your answer to Jesus’ question? 21:31




6. How did the people answer and what did Jesus think of their answer? 






7. What is God telling you from this story? What is the main point?








Story Two: Matthew 22:1-14


8. To prepare you to understand this story, read Mt. 22:12,13. What is the situation?




9. Who are the characters in this story? Make a list:


























10. What was the wish of the king? Why?






11. How did the servants respond?






12. How did those invited respond? What were the various ways?












13. What does this story show you about the king?






14. Who was Jesus telling this story about? Who were those who were invited? Who were the people in the highways and byways?










15. Why didn’t the man have on a wedding garment? Why didn’t he try to defend himself?








16. What does verse 14 mean?










17. As you think about this parable, where do you fit into it?





18. Did this story help the Pharisees? Why or why not? 22:15



 19. What is one thing you can take away from this story that will help you?




20. When you learn things that are hard to admit, or difficult to do, what is your response? 




21. Describe what you think the King’s servants were like in this story. How can their example help you be a better servant to the King?





 Be a Servant of the King!


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