04 Parables – The Un-Like People


The Bible is full of bad examples, probably because God would rather we learn from others mistakes than to make the same mistakes ourselves. The parables for this week are to help us learn how not to be.


Story One: Matthew 18:21-35


1. Why did Jesus tell this story? 18:21,22




2. What does it mean 70 x 7?


3. Retell the story that Jesus told in your own words.








4. Why did the servant owe the Master so much? 




5. What was going to be the consequences of his debt that he couldn’t pay? What does this say about the effect of our lives?






6. Why do you think the servant treated those who owed him differently than the Master treated him?




7. What is the real message of this story? The one thing that you can hold on to and live by?






Story Two: Luke 16:1-13


9. Write this story out in your own way, so that you could tell it to a child if you wanted to.








10. What was the steward doing wrong?




11. Carefully read verses 2-5, what is the man thinking about? Why?




12. What prompted him to “do something”?




13. What does verse 8 mean? What is Jesus trying to get his followers to understand?




14. What are the true riches mentioned?




15. What does it mean that you cannot serve two masters?




16. What is your take away thought from this story? 




17. How does this story make you feel about God?






Story Two: Luke 17:7-10


18. What is this story in response to?


19. Could / would you pray that prayer? 17:5




20. What does this story about the servant have to do with faith?




21. Why did Jesus make this analogy about the attitude of the Master to the servant? What is it telling you about God and your relationship to Him?




22. How does having faith relate to being a servant who does all those things”?


23. What is this story really all about? Try to explain it in a way that someone else would understand it…..



 24. What is the message in this story?


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