03 Parables – Stories of “This” or “That”


Some of the parables are about contrasts, like God is giving us choices or consequences of our choices. Our stories for this week are about being this or that. As you study, really try to grasp which way your decisions are taking you. Are you coming closer to the King or drifting farther away?


Story One: Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43


1. What kind of seeds did the man sow in his field? Where did the tares come from?




2. What does this story reveal about God and about Satan?




3. What is a tare?




4. What does 25,26 explain about the time gap between when the seed is sown and when it sprouts? How does this help you in your every day life? 




5. Why did the servants want to pull up the tares? Why didn’t the owner let them? What was the danger of them doing it?




6. Did the servants even understand the tares? How does this relate to the kingdom of God today?




7. Why do the wheat and the tares have to grow together?




8. How does a person become a wheat or a tare?




9. What will happen to the wheat?




10. What will happen to the tares?




11. How does this whole story help you to understand how life is here on planet earth?




12. What was Jesus trying to get the people to understand?




Story Two: Matthew 13:47-50


9. What is the dragnet representing in this story? Mt. 13:27




10. Why does it gather some of every kind?




11. What does this tell you about living in the kingdom of God today, on this earth?




12. Who are the “they” in verse 48?




13. When does the separation between the good fish and the bad fish happen? How should this encourage you?






14. What is it that makes a bad fish bad? 




15. What happens to the bad fish? 




16. Why will there be wailing?




17. How should you relate to the fish in the dragnet while you’re waiting for the end of the age?




18.  What does this story reveal about the King of the Kingdom of heaven?


19. Does this story tell you how to be a good fish? Why or why not?



20. How do you become a good fish?




21. What is this story trying to help you see about who you are?




22. What are you going to be? This or That




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