02 Parables – Lessons from Dirt


In the parables about the growing seeds, Jesus said, “The seed is the Word of God.” 
As we look for lessons from dirt, let’s pray that the Word of God is sown in our hearts and 
it becomes a power of growth in our lives. As we learn about the Kingdom, as we 
experience life with the King this week, let’s let the Seed grow in our hearts.


Story One: Matthew 13:3-9,18-23


1. Who did Jesus tell this story to? Mt. 13:1-2


2. Why did he speak this story (parable)? Mt. 13:10-17




3. Write the parable in your own words. Mt. 13:3-9








4. Who is the sower?


5. Where did the sower sow the seeds? What does that tell you about Him?




6. Why did the sower sow the seeds? How does that make you feel?




7. How can we prevent Matthew 13:19 from happening in our lives?




8. Read Matthew 13:20,21. How can you ensure this NEVER describes you?






9. What are the “thorns” that Jesus mentioned that can choke the word? Mt. 13:22






10. How can we keep the Seed from being choked out by the thorns?






11. What are the characteristics of growing seeds? Mt. 13:23




12. What does this story tell you about the great controversy in life between the Sower and the Wicked one? Where do you fit into it?






13. What are the fruits that the sower is looking for? Why? Mt. 13:23




14. Where are you at in the parable?




Story Two: Mark 4:26-29


9. Read the story. What is your first impression about the meaning?




10. Who does the “man” represent in this story and what does he do?




11. What is the miraculous part of verse 27? Do you ever feel this way?




12. Why does the earth yield crops “by itself”? What is this telling your about the kingdom of God and the people of God?




13. What does the seed do in this story?




14. What does the man do?




15. How does this story relate to evangelism?


16. What does Mk. 4:28 explain about the growth of the seed? How does this help you?








17. Looking at the bigger picture, the harvest, when does it happen? What does it mean?





 18. In looking at these two stories about dirt, seeds, and growth, what is one this that has really encouraged you about God and His kingdom?




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