01 Parables – Tiny Stories, Big Lessons


The Bible makes it pretty clear that the parables are to help us better understand the kingdom of heaven. 
Several parables even begin with "The kingdom of heaven is like...”. 
So as we study the parables we want to look for 3 things:
 1. What is the kingdom of heaven like?
 2. What is the king like?
 3. What are the king’s people like?
As a result of this study hopefully we will be drawn into the King’s way and actually become 
like the people He wants us to be.


Tiny Story One: 


1. Read Matthew 13:31,32 – Rewrite the story in your own words?




2. What does this story teach you about the kingdom of heaven?




3. Why is the mustard seed used? Why is unique about it?


4. What is significant about the birds in this story?




5. What do you learn about the “man” in the story?




6. What do you see in this story regarding the king’s people?


7. If you were to put this story in a modern setting, what would it be about? 




8. What is a Big Lesson that you feel this story is giving you?


Tiny Story Two: 


9. Read Matthew 13:33. What is this story about?




10. What effect does the leaven (yeast) have on the whole? Why?




11. What is this showing you about the kingdom?




12. Why do you think this story has a woman in it? Who does the woman represent? 




13. Why does it say three measures? Why not 4 or 7?


14. What does this story reveal about the kingdom of heaven?




15. What does it tell you about the king?




Tiny Story Three:


 15. Read Matthew 13:44 – what is this story about?






16. How is the kingdom of heaven like treasure?






17. Who does the man represent in this story? 




18. If this story were a movie, what kind of movie would it be? How did his family feel about what he did?




19. What does this story teach you about the King’s people?






20. What made this man happy?




Tiny Story Four: 


9. Read Matthew 13:45-56 What is this story about?






10. Why did Jesus tell all these little stories anyway? Is there any common thread in them?






11. What was the merchant looking for? Why?




12. When he found what he was looking for, why did he do what he did?




13. What does this teach you about the kingdom? The king?






14. If you are one of the King’s people, what are you looking for and what will you do to get it?




Tiny Story Five:


15. Read Matthew 13:51,52


16. What question did Jesus ask and why? What was the answer?




17. Who is the scribe representing in this story?






18. What does this story help you understand about the kingdom of heaven?






19. Why a householder? Why bringing out old and new?






20.  What is old and new and what is done with it?






21. What does this story mean?




22. What is a big lesson you learn when you look at all these tiny stories together?


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