This prophet is placed last, as he was last in time, of all the minor prophets before the captivity, and not long before Jeremiah, who lived at the time of the captivity. He foretells the general destruction of Judah and Jerusalem by the Chaldeans, and sets their sins in order before them, which had provoked God to bring their ruin upon them, calls them to repentance, threatens the neighbouring nations with the like destructions, and gives encouraging promises of their joyful return out of captivity in due time, which have a reference to the grace of the gospel.


1.  Read 1:1.  How would you know if the “word of the Lord” came to you or not?


2.  What was God’s warning to Judah and Jerusalem?  1:2-4


3.  What were the reasons for their destruction?  1:5-6



4.  Why does it say to be silent in the presence of the day of the Lord?  1:7


5.   Read 1:9-18.  What parallels do you notice between the destruction of Judah and Jerusalem and the end of the world?



6.  How do you know it was not too late for the individual people to be saved?  2:1


7.  Why do you think the word “before” is repeated so many times in 2:2


8.  What is the most important thing a person can do to prepare for the day of the Lord?  2:3


9.  Read 2:1-10.  What do you learn from these verses?


10.  What hope do you see in 2:11? 



11.    What was the attitude of the group in general and what can you learn from it?  2:15



12.  What were the issues for them and how are they either alike or different today?  3:1-5


13.  What were God’s expectations of His people?  3:7


14.  What council does God himself give to his faithful people?  3:8


15.  Write down the promises God gives in chapter 3:9-12


16.  Describe the people who were faithful to God?  3:13


17.  How did God feel towards those who were faithful?  3:14-17



18.  Write down a personal message that God gives you as you read 3:14-17 again only from a personal perspective:



19.  What does verse 18 reveal about the heartache you might have as a follower of God?



20.  What confidence do you gain from reading 3:19,20?  How do you think it helped the people back in the day?



21.  Summarize the book of Zephaniah in a couple of sentences:



22.  What is the main message God wants you to get from this book?



23.  How could you use that message to encourage someone else this week?




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