Zechariah 1-4


The message of Zechariah is God’s love and care for His people.  God gave Zechariah a view of God’s work and plan on this earth.  His mission was to encourage the people event though they were in captivity.


1.  Read 1:1,2.  What do these verses tell you about God?


2.  In chapter 1:3 God appeals to his people to do something, what is it?  Why?


3.  What is a good life principle to live by in 1:4?


4.  God wants to reason from cause to effect – what was the cause and the result implied in 1:5


5.  What options do you have according to 1:6?


6.  Read Zechariah’s vision about the horses.  1:7-11.  What lesson does God want you to learn from this illustration?



7.  Read the prayer of the angel – 1:12-17.  What does it mean?



8.  Read the vision about the 4 carpenters.  1:18-21.  What does it mean for us today?



9.  What is the vision of the measuring line?  2:1-5



10.  What promises does God give in 2:6-13. 



11.  What hopeful things do you learn about yourself from the vision of the priest and Satan?  3:1-10




12.  What vision does Zechariah see in 4:1-10?  What is the meaning of the candlestick?




13.  What does the mountain represent in 4:7?  Why?



14.  What are the olive trees?  Why is this important for us to understand?



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