Date (B.C.) Prophet Meaning of Prophet’s Name Theme of Book Gave Prophecies To/ABout Major sins Addressed Kings of Judah Kings of Israel
840-830 Obadiah Worshipper of YHVH Day of the Lord; Destruction of Edom; Israel’s restoration Against Edom Edom had continual violence toward Jacob.   Jehoram Joram
830-750 Joel YHVH is God The Day of the Lord Israel, Northern Kingdom Adultery, Drunkenness, Idolatry, Licentiousness Joash Jehu
780-740 Jonah Dove Sign of commitment; Type of Jesus, God’s mercy to repentant Nineveh, with implications to all people Cruelty of the Assyrians Amaziah & Uzziah Jeroboam II
755 Amos Burden Bearer The Day of the Lord, the Eternal will roar Israek, Judah, Benjamin, All Oppression of the poor, sexual immorality, Wanton Luxury, Corruption of law Uzziah Jeroboam II
750-725 Hosea Salvation Salvation Israel, Northern Kingdom Adultery, Drunkenness, Idolatry, Licentiousness Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, Hezekiah Jeroboam II, Zecharian, Shallum, Menahem, Pekahiah, Pekah, Hoshea
740-700 Isaiah Salvation is of YHVH Salvation by faith in God        
740-700 Micah Who is like YHVH The Eternal is Just Samaria, Jerusalem, whole earth Lack of justice, oppression Jotham, Ahaz, Hezekiah Pekah, Hoshea
650 Nahum Consolation Judgement on Nineveh, Comfort of Israel Assyrians, city of Nineveh Cruelty of the Assyrians, overstepped boundaries Manasseh  
640 Zephaniah Hidden by YHVH God’s indignation on the earth, who may be hidden?, Israel repents, God saves Judah, Jerusalem, all people, warning them of the day of the Lord Spiritual fornication Josiah  
627-580 Jeremiah   Heart Religion not forms        
609 Habakkuk Embrace God embraces Judah through destroying the Chaldeans Babylon with implications for all people Aggression, plunder, greed, self-assertion, violence, idolatry Jehoiakim  
605-536 Daniel God is My Judge Be Faithful, God Delivers        
593-570 Ezekiel God Strengthens Judgement / Mercy        
520 Haggai Festival Restoration of the Temple  Zerubbabel, Joshua and the returned remnant Neglect in building God’s house. Procrastination Gov:  Jerubbabel  
520-518 Zechariah Remembered by YHVH Coming of God’s Kingdom, preceded by building of Temple Zerubbabel, Joshua and the returned remnant Joshua had filthy garments, lack of judgement, mercy and peace Gov:  Jerubbabel  
420-400 Malachi My Messenger Be prepared for the messenger that is to come – Elijah Israel (12 tribes) and Israel of God today Priests neglecting duties, people chided for divorce, adultery, robbing God, criticizing Gov:  Jerubbabel  


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