The word “Obadiah” means the servant, the Worshipper of Jehovah.


Some think the time setting for Obadiah’s vision was around 840 B.C.  The Edomites were destroyed about two years after Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jerusalem.  The Babylonians invaded Jerusalem in 606 B.C. for the first time, and then leveled it in 586 B.C. 


1.  What insight do you learn from the timing of Obadiah’s vision?


2.  If the Edomites had come to the rescue of Jerusalem, does it seem to imply in Obadiah that Jerusalem would not have fallen to the Babylonians?  What do you think?


3.  What was the “rumor” from the Lord?  Verse 1


4.  Why were the Edomites despised by the heathen?  Verse 2


5.  What were the issues that God points out which led to their destruction?

            a. ______________________________________________ verse 3

            b. ______________________________________________ verse 7

            c. ______________________________________________ verse 10

            d. ______________________________________________ verse 13

            e. ______________________________________________ verse 15


6.  What lessons do you see in verses 5,6?


7.  Read verse 11.  Edom stood by and did not come to the rescue of their brothers in Jerusalem.  What spiritual lessons can you learn from this?



8.  What did the Edomites do when their brothers were down?  Verse 13  Why was that wrong?


9.  What is the day of the Lord?  What issues will it solve?  Verse 15


10. What is the end result of being heathen?  Verse 16,18


11. Was deliverance available?  Verse 17.  If so, why didn’t they choose it?


12. What spiritual principle is explained in verse 19?


13.  Who were the “saviours” who were to come?  What would they do? 


14.  List the lessons for your own life that stand out from this chapter:




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