The name of this prophet signifies a comforter; for it was a charge given to all the prophets, Comfort you, comfort you, my people: and even this prophet, though wholly taken up in foretelling the destruction of Nineveh, which speaks terror to the Assyrians, is, even in that, comforter to the ten tribes of Israel, who, it is probable, were now lately carried captives into Assyria.


1.  When you read the above summary, what truth comes to your mind?



2.  Jonah’s message to Nineveh led them to repent, yet here Nahum’s message is one of destruction?  What do you think happened to them?


3.  Read Nahum 1:1-3.  What do you learn about God?


4.  In Nahum 1:4-6 it has a couple of contrasts.  What are they and what do they mean?



5.  What does verse 12 tell you about man and his ways?


6.  Read Nahum 2:1.  What does this verse mean to you?


7.  In Nahum 2:2-13, what is the message?




8.  Why was Nineveh destroyed?  Nahum 3:1-9



9.  What did God say would be the final result of Nineveh’s transgression?  3:12



10.  Why did God say the people were like women?  3:13


11.  Read 3:19.  Why is this verse true?


12.  What parallels do you see in this book and what Jesus said about the end of the world?



13.  What personal lessons are there for us in these 3 chapters?


14.  What is the main message God has given you in this book?


15.  How could you use this message to help someone else?



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