Overview of Micah’s Message:


I.. To convince sinners of their sins, by setting them in order before them, charging both Israel and Judah with idolatry, covetousness, oppression, contempt of the word of God, and their rulers especially, both in church and state, with the abuse of their power; and also by showing them the judgments of God ready to break in upon them for their sins.


II. To comfort God’s people with promises of mercy and deliverance, especially with an assurance of the coming of the Messiah and of the grace of the gospel through him. It is remarkable concerning this prophecy, and confirms its authority, that we find two quotations out of it made publicly upon very solemn occasions, and both referring to very great events.


1.  What does the name Micah mean?


2.  What major prophet was Micah a contemporary of?


3.  Read Micah 1:2.  Who was the message to?


4.  What was the main thrust of the message?  Micah 1:3,4


5.  What was the major problem with Israel?  1:5


6.  What was God going to do to His rivals?  Micah 1:6-7


7.  What was Micah’s response?  Micah 1:8


8.  What were the people waiting for and what was going to come?  1:12


9.  What principle about sin do you discover in Micah 2:1? 


10.  What is the attitude of the people?  Micah 2:2?


11.  Is God against the individual or the group?  2:3  Why?


12.  God said his people were like an enemy to him?  Why?  2:8


13.  What does God try to get the people to understand about themselves?  2:10


14.  What is the message to the remnant of God’s people?  2:12


15.  What does it mean to be spiritually backwards?  Micah 3:1-4


16.  What were the prophets doing?  3:5


17.  Where did Micah get his message, courage, and might?  3:8,9.  How do these verses apply to you?


18.  What will God accomplish?  Micah 4:1-3


19.  What groups will God gather?  Micah 4:6,7  What does this tell you?



20.  What was the experience of the faithful people of God?  Micah 4:8-13



21.  Why does it say to gather in troops?  Micah 5:1


22.  What does Micah 5:1-5 say about Jesus?



23.  What is the controversy that God has with people?  Micah 6:1-3


24.  What is His message to His people?  Micah 6:3,4


25.  What does God really want from us?  Micah 6:6-9



26.  Do you ever feel like Micah did in chapter 7:2?  When?



27.  What conditions existed just before they were destroyed?  Micah 7:3-6


28.  What was the attitude of those who were true to God?  Micah 7:7,8


29.  Read Micah 7:18-20.  What do you learn about sin and God from these verses?



            Sin ________________________________


30.  What is the main message for you in Micah?


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