Ninevah was founded by Nimrod (Gen. 10:11).  While Jerusalem was a city of 17 acres, Ninevah was 1700 acres.  It was the capital of Assyria. 


1.  What does the name Jonah mean?


2.  Read Jonah 1:1,2.  What did God want to Jonah to do?  Why?  What does this teach you about God?



3.  Jonah 1:3 – why did Jonah flee? 


4.  What did Jonah either not know about God or forget?  Verse 3


5.  Read 1:4-10.  After reading these verses, what do they teach you about God?  About yourself?


6.  When we run from God, what effect does that have on other people?  Verse 10


7.  What was Jonah’s solution to the dilemma?  Verse 11-16. 


8.  Why didn’t the men on the ship like Jonah’s solution at first and what did they do?


9.  What does verse 17 tell you about God?


10.  When Jonah was in the fish belly, what did he do?  Chapter 2:1 


11.  What should you do when you are in trouble?  What do you do?


12.  What do you learn about Jonah and yourself from his prayer?  2:2-9.


13.  What was God’s response to Jonah’s prayer?  2:10


14.  What do you like about chapter 3, verse 1?  How does this relate to you?


15.  Why do you think Jonah went this time?  verses 2,3


16.  What was his message and how did the people respond?  3:4-9


17.  What did God notice about the people?  Why?  Verse 10



18.  Why do you think Jonah was mad because the people repented?  4:1,2


19.  Why would he want to die because of this?  4:3.


20.  Read 4:4.  What and why does God say?


21.  Why did Jonah leave the city and sit on a hill?



22.  What illustration did God use to reach Jonah and why?  4:6-11.



23.  The story is open-ended. How do you think Jonah responded to God’s appeal?  Did he repent or stay mad?



24.  What major lessons do you learn for your own life from these chapters?





25.  In what ways are you like Jonah?



26.  In what ways are you not like Jonah?



27.  In what areas do you need to repent and turn to God?  What will his response be?



28.  How could you use this story to help someone else?  In what situations would you use it?





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